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About Anand Suit Supply

My name is Anand Sachdev. I started my company Anand Suit Supply Co, Ltd for more than 10 years now. Before that I worked at my father’s tailor made store Indra Tailor, which was founded in 1975. By the late 1990’s, with the innovation of internet, I saw an opportunity to supply our suits and shirts to retailers across Europe. We began to supply our tailor made suits and shirts to companies in Europe. It was not smooth sailing at first, but thank to the patience of our first few clients, we were able to fine tune our business. By 2008, our business was thriving and we closed down our retail business to focus on our production and supplying suits and shirts. In this way, we could concentrate on our core business and give attention to our clients. There have been no turning back ever since and our business have been growing every year.