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Welcome to Anand Suit Supply

Anand Suit Supply Co, Ltd is a leading supplier and producers of tailor made suits and shirts. We are an organization that specializes in supplying tailor made suit and shirts to shops and online retailers across the world. We have the experience, the technical know how and the quality to form a successful partnership.

Our tailor made shirts and suits is hand cut by our high skilled staff. We use a blend of skill labours and machinery to construct our suits and shirts. We offer a large option for customization of a suit and shirt. All our products are produced OEM. So we produce our suits to with your labels on them. And all along keeping our prices competitive, so your company can maximize profits.

We have a large selection of fabrics for suits and shirts. We offer fabric range from rayon blends to Italian wool fabrics. Our fabric collection is updated regularly and we will provide new fabric booklets whenever a new collection is available.

Contact us at info@anandsuitsupply.com for set up of business partnership. We will supply you with a set of fabric booklets. We will also provide assistance with measurements, ordering system etc. Contact us to start to run a successful tailor made suit and shirt retail business.